Company Information

President’s Message


Since its establishment in 1972, Ethylene Chemical has mainly developed, manufactured and marketed brake fluid and antifreeze, which are used in the automotive industry, with emphasis on ensuring security, safety and environmental responsibility.

Our efforts have been focused on product development and quality control, with the highest priority placed on “technology creation.” We constantly bring in new perspectives in order to meet the needs of our customers, who are mainly automobile manufacturers. As a result, we have gained a highly regarded reputation from our customers, which has allowed us to establish a solid presence in the car chemicals market. In recent years, while continuing our efforts to maintain and improve the quality of our existing products, we have also focused on contract manufacturing services so that we can make more extensive use of our technological expertise gained over the years and increase the number of products we deal with.

We adopt an integrated system, from market research to manufacturing and distribution. We take full responsibility for our product lifecycle, from beginning to end, and offer our products with confidence. We joined the MORESCO Group, a chemical manufacturer, in 2011, entering a new phase where our efforts will contribute not only to the development of our company but also to the creation of synergistic effects throughout the Group. To develop the ability to deal with the ever intensifying competition in the automotive industry, we will also focus on improving internal organization and the training and education of employees as well as accelerating global development.

Although we are not the biggest company in this field, we are determined to continue creating new value so that we can provide our products to as many customers as possible.