Company Information


1972 ・Established with capital of \30 million
1974 ・Construction of the Head Office/Plant completed
1975 ・Antifreeze certified to JIS
1977 ・Brake fluid certified to JIS
・First expansion project (3 tanks of 200 KL, 1 tank of 20 KL for multiple types of products)
・Capital increased to \90 million
1982 ・Second expansion project (All work areas for filling and packaging placed on the same floor)
1984 ・Third expansion project (Piping extended, operations streamlined)
1995 ・Fourth expansion project (Emulsion plant, product warehouse)
1996 ・Zhangjiagang TEEC Automotive Chemicals Co., Ltd., a joint venture for manufacturing brake fluid, established in China
1997 ・ISO 9001certification acquired
2004 ・Fifth expansion project (Lubricant manufacturing plant)
2007 ・ISO 14001 certification acquired
2008 ・Business merged with Sanshin Co., Ltd.
2010 ・MORESCO acquires 33.9% of shares to become an equity-method affiliate
2011 ・Tokyo Sales Office opens
・MORESCO additionally acquires 27.1% of shares (shareholding ratio of 60.9%), forming the MORESCO Group (becomes a consolidated subsidiary company)
2014 ・Sixth expansion project (2 manufacturing tanks added to the emulsion plant)