Our Strength

Integrated manufacturing and distribution system Taking full responsibility for the lifecycle of our products, from beginning to end

We believe that we should be responsible for the quality of our products up until they are delivered to customers. Based on this belief, we adopt an integrated system for managing all processes, from market research to manufacturing and distribution. This system, which is highly regarded by our customers, allows us to meet their needs promptly and flexibly.

1. Market research

We analyze industry trends and the market environment using various data. We also conduct interviews with customers to identify their needs from different perspectives.

2. Research/development and designing

Our aim is to achieve highly precise designs so that we can accurately reflect the needs of our customers.
We also constantly work on new developments with emphasis on “technology creation.”

3. Material procurement

Our system allows us to maintain high quality standards and secure the stable procurement of raw materials even in unexpected and emergency situations, such as disasters and accidents. We also make efforts to ensure global procurement so that we can offer prices that meet customers’ expectations.

4. Maintenance of manufacturing facilities and devices

With the highest priority placed on safety, we conduct regular inspections to prevent damage and accidents at manufacturing facilities. In addition, our facilities and systems are fully prepared to respond to disasters.

5. Manufacturing

Our employees are required to fully comply with manuals and rules to constantly ensure quality so that we can meet the high quality standards expected by customers.

6. Product inspection

Inspections are performed using various types of inspection equipment and statistical methods with the aim of providing high quality products that meet customers’ needs.

7. Marketing/shipment

We have a nationwide network of distribution centers to deliver our products to customers quickly.