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Quality policy Our priority on quality management, higher than any other company’s

  • Quality policy
  • Efforts to ensure high quality standards
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Quality policy

There are three principles that our company has observed since its founding in pursuing high quality standards. We implement these principles in our daily activities.

1. Place the highest importance on providing safe products to customers.

We deal with many products used in the automotive and engineering industries. Brake fluid, one of our major products, has been designated as an “important safety-related part.” It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of our products affects the lives of our end users.

With this in mind, all employees place the highest priority on product safety to ensure the safety of every customer.

2. Maintain an efficient management system through continuous efforts to improve.

We have been engaged in quality control (QC) since soon after the company’s establishment. To improve efficiency, we regularly review all manufacturing processes to achieve streamlining. There are increasing demands by customers to achieve high quality in a short period of time. We will continue our efforts to improve our daily work activities to strengthen our organizational system in order to exceed customers’ expectations.

3. Manufacture environmentally-friendly products to gain customers’ trust

Many environmental issues and concerns affect the Earth. As a company, we understand that we are responsible for taking action to address these issues. We have adopted environmental policies consisting of five key elements, according to which we have made efforts to reduce our environmental impact and prevent environmental contamination. In recent years, customers have shown increasing interest in contributing to the global environment. We will continue to give due consideration to environmental issues, promote more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as a whole, and develop products that contribute to environmental protection.

Efforts to ensure high quality standards

We have supplied our products for many years to the satisfaction of major automobile manufacturers who demand particularly high quality. Through this experience, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of achieving excellence in the quality of our products. We firmly believe that our quality control is our strength. We have set quality control targets for every process, from the receipt of raw materials through to the shipment of products, and thereby objectively control quality using a statistical method.


Our company was certified to JISK 2233, JISK 2234, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 earlier than any other companies in the industry in order to guarantee quality and safety.